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Mags combs Loretta’s hair with a motherly touch, getting her ready for the big party Mags is throwing for the people of Bennett. Mags gives Loretta her mother’s old broach, saying it’s okay to be beautiful sometimes. Loretta misses her father, and asks Mags if she can speak to him soon.  Coover bursts in the room with a question about the party, and Mags scolds him, harshly.  From the hallway, Coover overhears Mags confessing her shame in him, whereas Loretta has been a dream come true.

Boyd shows up at Mags’ party with Ava, uninvited, and insists on having a word with Mags.

Burning with jealousy at the affection Mags is lavishing on Loretta, Coover snorts a line of oxycontin, then puts on the gold watch he took from McCready’s body, and goes back to the party.

Raylan shows up at the party, providing security for coal company fixer Carol Johnson. Soon after their arrival, Carol runs into Boyd, who confirms that he managed to come to an agreement with Helen and Arlo over the rights to their property.  Carol is thrilled to hear it.  Meanwhile, Raylan takes it upon himself to chase E away a 21-year-old boy who is attempting to ply Loretta with moonshine.  Loretta tells Raylan she doesn’t need a chaperone; she has her father for that.

Carol approaches Mags, warning that if they don’t come to terms before Carol leaves the party, there will be no payday from Black Pike for the Bennetts. Unimpressed, Mags invites Carol inside, where Carol is surprised to see Boyd joining the discussion.  Boyd tells Carol that the rights HE SECURED to Helen and Arlo’s property now reside solely with him.  And he’s signing those rights over to Mags.  Any leverage Carol thought she had is gone.

Outside, Dickie approaches the the front door, wanting to join the discussion, but Raylan stops him. It’s a private meeting – if Mags wanted Dickie in there, he’d be in there.  When Dickie attempts to push part Raylan, Raylan knocks him down.

Inside, Carol writes a number on a piece of paper and slides it to Mags: a one-time offer for her land.  Mags refuses, but has a counter-offer: triple the amount just offered, plus a 4% stake of Black Pike’s parent company, a legacy deal to provide for Mags and her family, for generations to come.  Carol says Mags’ property is worthless and barren of coal, but Boyd and Mags correct her: it’s not about the coal, it’s about building a road to carry the coal.  And The property Black Pike needs to build those roads on belongs to Mags.

Carol speaks with her higher-ups, and Black Pike reluctantly accepts the deal.  Carol leaves Mags’ house, and asks Raylan to take her away, someplace where she can get a drink.

Mags and Boyd make a side agreement: In appreciation for Boyd’s help forcing Black PIke to come to terms, Mags grants Boyd free reign to conduct any kind of criminal enterprise he wants to in Harlan territory. Onl one thing he needs to leave alone: the pot business.  THat belongs to the Bennett family – always has. Boyd, exhilarated from his big win, sweeps Ava onto the dance floor.

Back at Carol’s hotel room, Carol makes one more attempt to seduce Raylan.

As the party ends, Mags tells Loretta that she has just done something wonderful for the family, Loretta included.  Things are going to be different for all of them, from now on.

AS Loretta helps Coover clean up after the party, Coover makes a point of flashing her father’s gold watch where she can see it. Loretta goes pale and excuses herself.

As Raylan drives Carol to the airport, Carol finally admits to having hired someone to set off the firecrackers in the town meeting.  She also busts Raylan: under his apparent indifference, he still cares deeply about the people of Harlan County – she can tell.

Later that night, Loretta shows up at Coover’s house and offers him a joint MADE FROM her father’s finest pot, secretly laced with formaldehyde.  Coover finishes the joint, but as he drifts off he taunts Loretta, hinting at her father’s fate.  As soon as he’s asleep, Loretta searches teh house, and finds the gold watch.  Weeping, she calls Raylan for help.  But before she can explain, Coover attacks her, and the phone goes dead.  Leaving Carol at a gas station, Raylan races back to Bennett.

Coover reveals that he wasn’t asleep at all; he set a trap for Loretta and she’s fallen into it.

Coover wants to take Loretta to the abandoned mine, her father’s final resting place, to meet her father’s fate.  When Dickie tries to stop him, Coover chokes Dickie half to death.  While Coover tries to revive his brother, realizing he’s gone too far, Loretta takes off running. Coover jumps up, racing after her.

Dickie is awakened Raylan splashes the contents of Coover’s bong in his face.  Raylan forces Dickie to tell him where Coover has taken Loretta, then heads after them.

RAYLAN arrives to find Loretta unconscious on the ground.  As he bends to help, Coover leaps at him out of the darkness. A vicious battle ensues, the more powerful Coover pushing Raylan to the edge of the mineshaft. As Raylan struggles to keep from plummeting down the shaft, Loretta appears, gun drawn, screaming for Coover to stop.  AS Coover looks up, Raylan manages to pull hisBACKUP gun and shoot Coover in the neck.  Coover topples into the mineshaft, and disappears into the darkness below.

At dawn, the mine is a crime scene, as police pull Coover’s body out of the shaft.  They also discover the body of Walt McCready, badly decomposed.

Mags rolls up to the scene in Doyle’s cruiser, begging to speak to Loretta.  Raylan refuses. “There’s no way.”  Furious, Mags walks away.   Raylan watches her go.  This isn’t over.

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