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At the marshal’s office, Art informs Raylan that according to police statements, Dickie blames Walt McCready’s murder on Coover, and they don’t have ANY evidence to prove otherwise.   Switching gears, he pulls Raylan into his office to discuss the unspoken tension between them over the missing evidence money.  Art cooly lays out his position on their situation: They’re not going to talk about what happened in the evidence room.  Which means that, whatever Raylan’s limitations, Art is stuck with him, and nothing he can say is going to make Raylan straighten up.  But at the rate he’s going, Raylan probably won’t live long enough for it to be an issue .  Raylan receives the underlying message; something’s been lost in their relationship, probably forever.

In the midst of mourning Coover’s death, Mags meets Helen at a local diner to deliver Helen‘S share of cash from the Black Pike deal.  Helen begs that Mags not seek revenge for Coover’s death, reminding her that their families have shared 20 years of peace until now.  Mags, deep in mourning, gives Helen her word: the lid stays on.  No harm will come to Raylan or the Givens family.

Boyd tells Ava that he has to move out of her house for good; he swore to not engage in any criminal activity whilst in her home, and now that he is headed down that road, he thinks it best to go.  Ava reminds him that she defended his criminal behavior after the mine heist, but Boyd has made up his mind.  He thanks her for all she has done for him.

After avoiding his calls for days, Winona approaches Raylan at the courthouse, requesting a ride to her attorney’s office to finalize her divorce with Gary.  As they drive, Raylan notices that a silver Cadillac has been following them since the courthouse.  The car becomes enough of a distraction that Raylan pulls over, gets out, and approaches the two suspicious men inside.  He warns them to stop following him, and for the moment, they do. With the distraction gone, Winona suggests that she and Raylan not see each other for a while.

Raylan gets a call from Loretta’s social worker.  Apparently, Loretta refuses to get out of the social worker’s car and meet her new foster family. When Raylan arrives outside the family’s house, Loretta tells him that she misses her mother even more than her father.  Raylan tells her she’s strong, and she will be fine in her new home.

At the Bennett’s drying shed, Mags and Doyle tell Dickie that he will inherit the rest of the weed business, but because of his betrayal of Coover, is otherwise cut off from the family.  Dickie insists that he only told Raylan where Coover was to protect Loretta.  Mags reminds him that he went outside the family, and that’s the bottom line.  When Dickie demands that he and Doyle put Raylan in the ground, Doyle lays out the situation: Dickie gets the weed.  Boyd Crowder gets everything else.  Nobody kills Raylan Givens.  Dickie is crushed.

Winona and Gary sit in an office with their divorce lawyers, haggling over life insurance policies. The meeting comes to an abrupt end when Gary bursts into tears — deeply distressed over Winona’s betrayal, and his own bad decisions.

Boyd reunites with Johnny Crowder, still alive, but wheelchair-bound since taking a shotgun blast to the gut from Bo Crowder in the season finale. Boyd asks for Johnny’s help bringing Harlan County back under Crowder control.  Johnny, still bitter, refuses at first, but Boyd eventually appeals to Johnny’s family pride.

Ava comes home to find that Boyd has officially packed up and left.  She sits alone in his now-empty bedroom, clearly distraught.

Behind his family’s back, Dickie asks Bennett family employee, Jed, if he’d like to step up his role in the Bennett family business.

Boyd and Johnny walk into an illegal back room poker game, where Boyd’s former lieutenant, Devil, plays Texas hold em with a group of local criminals.  Johnny and Boyd pull out guns and rob the owner, recruiting Devil in the process.  The old Crowder gang is slowly coming together again.

Winona finds Raylan at his office after hours.  She assures him that her divorce with Gary is not designed to pressure Raylan, but rather, is simply the right thing to do. Raylan tells her he’s realized that he helped her replace the money in the evidence vault, not because he’s crazy, or a bad marshal, but because he loves her.  He suggests moving back to Glynco, the one place that he and Winona were truly happy.  He could get a safe job, and they could have a fresh start. Winona says she needs to think about it.

At a local bar, Boyd, Johnny, and Devil are plotting their new takeover of Harlan, when Dickie Bennett approaches.  He warns Boyd that whatever deal Boyd had with Mags is officially off; Boyd is welcome to join him, but if not, he’d best get out of Harlan County.  After Dickie’s left, Boyd lets him men know that his challenge will not go unanswered.

Raylan is driving Winona home, when the Cadillac that followed them earlier in the day suddenly appears out of nowhere, and sideswipes Raylan’s car.  When the driver and his accomplice come out gunning, Raylan shoots out the glass door of an office building, and drags Winona to safety inside. Ducked in a corner, Raylan leaves Winona with a spare gun and goes to ambush the shooters.  He engages and kills the first one.  The second is drawing a bead on Winona, when Raylan appears behind him and shoots him as well.  After the shootout, Winona rests in shock against a desk in the office building. “Yes,” she says, having made up her mind. “Glynco.”

Boyd visits Ava at her house late at night, saying he had to see her one last time – even if only from a distance.  Hearing this confession of his unspoken love, Ava draws Boyd into a passionate kiss, as we fade out.

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