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In the wake of last episode’s botched hit attempt, Raylan and the marshals work with CID agents to figure out who tried to kill Raylan and Winona.  While they talk, a livid Gary stands screaming outside the office, blaming Raylan’s cowboy lifestyle for putting Winona in such danger.  Art cools everyone off, sending Gary and Winona to Gary’s house under Rachel’s guard.  He then tells Raylan to stay out of the investigation, and assigns Tim the unenviable task of babysitting Raylan and keeping him out of trouble.

At Gary’s house, Gary apologizes to Winona once more for all his mistakes in their relationship.  At Raylan’s motel room, Raylan warns a very cautious Tim that he needs to talk to some people alone; either Tim lets him go, or Raylan will give him the slip.

Ava and Boyd wake up in Ava’s bed together, clearly having consummated their budding romance.  Setting ground rules for Boyds criminal enterprise, Ava makes him promise not to run any prostitution in Harlan.  Boyd hesitantly agrees.

Ducking out of Tim’s earshot, Raylan makes a call to Dan Grant in Miami, who immediately asks if Gio was the person behind the attempted hit on Raylan and Winona.  Unfortunately, Gio only hires Cubans, and the men who attacked them were definitely not Cuban. Sounds closer to home.  Dan asks him if he’s pissed off any locals recently.

Out in the woods, Dickie prepares for battle, training his newly assembled gang with some target practice at a bootleg firing range.  Back at the motel, Raylan leaves with the obvious excuse of an ice cream craving; Tim naturally follows him.  After stringing Tim along from store to store, Raylan finally finds a moment to successfully slip Tim’s guard.

Boyd and Johnny pay a visit to Arlo and ask him to join their side in the war for Harlan County.  While Arlo agrees to the offer, Helen shows up to find Ava waiting for Boyd, offering some motherly advice on how to live with a professional criminal.

Raylan rolls up to Mags’ store to find the front wall defaced and the heavily-armed Oakridge Boys standing guard outside.  Raylan asks Mags if she was behind the hit attempt; she promises that she wasn’t. Their feud is finished.  Tim, having known exactly where to find Raylan, shows up to take him back.  Not a minute later, Doyle shows up as well, stirring the pot with Raylan until Mags calls him off.  Tensions are high all around, but everyone walks away.

In the Bennett drying shed, Dickie is making a large weed deal with Tennessee hoodlum Rodney Dunham, when Boyd, Arlo, and Devil (the latter two wearing ski masks) enter the shack with guns drawn.  They take the money and the weed, and make their statement once more to Dickie.  Afterwards, two of Dickie’s new men abandon the cause; they wanted a bit of cash, not a war.  Dickie shoots them both dead.

Late that night, Gary’s house is now full: Rachel, Tim, Raylan, Winona and Gary sit around watching television, commiserating on their lack of suspects.  Gary apologizes to Raylan for his earlier outbursts and heads off to bed.  Everyone needs to catch some sleep, leaving Raylan to stand guard of the house for a few hours.

Boyd and his new gang sit around a table in the Crowder family cabin, counting their score and reminiscing about the past with Bo and Bowman.  Ava, understandably, is not too fond of these memories, and Boyd consoles her.

During his guard shift, Raylan finds an armed man creeping up outside Gary’s house.  Sneaking up on the man, Raylan cuffs him to his steering wheel and pulls out a  business card from the man’s wallet. Tracing the company name, he finds that the business belongs to Wynn Duffy.  Realizing that Gary ordered the hit, he wakes up Gary, grabbing him by the throat.  This man is here for Gary because Gary has been dodging Wynn.  Raylan makes one thing clear: they are going to put an end to this tonight.

Raylan and Gary drive in the handcuffed assailant’s car to meet Wynn in his trailer.  When they arrive, it is clear that Wynn is ready to execute Gary, as he is the only loose end in a trail of federal crimes.  But Raylan has another plan.  He tells Gary to get in his car and disappear, tonight, forever.  Duffy grudgingly accepts the situation.

Raylan goes back to Gary’s house to find Tim waiting for him.  Tim, realizing Gary has disappeared, barely even wants to confront what has happened since he fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Helen wakes up to the sounds of someone rummaging through her kitchen, only to find Dickie and an accomplice waiting for her with shotguns.  Dickie informs her that Arlo has robbed his money and his weed, and he wants it back.  Helen, rifle poised by her side, asks what they will do to Arlo when he returns the money, but it is obvious.  When she cocks her weapon to defend herself, they shoot her dead.

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