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In a surreal daze, Raylan approaches Helen’s house to see that his childhood home is now an active crime scene.  He is in street clothes, off duty as a marshal.  Trooper Tom Bergen tells him that Helen got off at least one shot before she died and hit one of the shooters; they are searching for someone with a bullet wound.  Tom, seeing Raylan’s quiet anger, reminds Raylan that Arlo had a lot of enemies; they can’t assume the Bennetts did this.  Tom tries to suggest that Raylan not do anything rash, when Arlo comes outside as Helen’s body is wheeled out on a stretcher.  Arlo shares a look with Raylan.

At Ava’s house, Boyd cooks breakfast for Devil and Johnny, gearing up for war with the Bennetts.  Devil says he has more men coming in a couple days, with weapons and explosives to back them up.  Ava enters and tells Boydthat Helen is dead. Realizing the war is on, Boyd turns to Devil: get those men here tonight.

Raylan finds Arlo in Helen’s house, drinking and loading his gun, convinced that Dickie Bennett was behind the killing.  Raylan wants to know where where Arlo was in the middle of the night, when Helen got shot. This triggers a fight, which is interrupted when Boyd and Ava appear at the front door, to offer their condolences.  Raylan leaves, but asks Tom Bergen to have a cruiser behind to keep an eye on Arlo.  Inside, Arlo tells Boyd that he is sure Dickie identified him through his mask at the pot robbery.  Boyd wants to know if Raylan knows about the robbery, but Arlo says it doesn’t matter: by the time Raylan finds Dickie, Dickie will be dead.

At Jed’s house, Dickie picks out the buckshot Helen fired into Jed’s arm.  As he works, he slyly gets Jed to reveal where his share of the Givens’ money is hidden.

At Mags’s store, Mags offers Raylan her sympathy, but Raylan isn’t in the mood.  He wants Dickie, and when Mags won’t give him up, Raylan warns her what will happen if Arlo finds Dickie first.  Mags finally admits he might be at Coover’s house, but she isn’t sure, since she broke ties with Dickie after he betrayed Coover.  On his way out of the store, Tom Bergen arrives and tells Raylan that Arlo gave his men the slip. As Raylan drives away, Mags makes a phone call: “Doyle, we’ve got a problem...”

Raylan rolls up to Coover’s house to find Arlo lying in wait for Dickie. As Raylan searches the house for some clue to Dickie’s location, Arlo drunkenly tells Raylan how much he loved Helen.  Raylan is unimpressed; he only wants to find Dickie.  Arlo won’t help him, because he wants Dickie dead, not simply in custody. Raylan, fed up, threatens to haul Arlo off to jail for being drunk and concealing a loaded weapon. Facing arrest, Arlo tells Raylan to look for Dickie at Audrey’s.  Raylan thanks Arlo, then throws him in jail anyway, for safekeeping.

At her new foster home, Loretta is still having trouble adjusting.  Her foster mother assures her that she is welcome there.

Raylan visits the very strung-out prostitute, Ellen May, looking for Dickie.  Ellen May finally tells him that Jed is Dickie’s shadow; find Jed, and you’ll find Dickie.

Dickie exits his hideout as Mags and Doyle roll up. Mags is furious – why did he do it? Dickie tells her about Boyd’s power move, and how he feels she hasn’t been thinking straight since Coover died. They needn’t worry about Raylan; Dickie has a plan to frame Jed — who already has the incriminating gunshot wound — so  Doyle can shoot him for “resisting arrest.”  Doyle isn’t happy about this, but Mags gives the plan her tacit approval.

That night, Doyle knocks on Jed’s door. Jed’s wife angrily confronts Doyle, not letting him get a word with Jed alone.  It looks like Doyle may have to kill her too, when Raylan appears out of the shadows.  Raylan guesses at Doyle’s intentions, and after a brief standoff, Doyle backs down and leaves.  Inside Jed’s house, Raylan coaxes a confession from Jed: he’ll testify against Dickie, but doesn’t know where Raylan can find him. As Raylan leaves, containing his rage with an unnerving calm, Jed tells Raylan that the bullet wasn’t meant for Helen.  They were there for Arlo, because of what he and Boyd did to Dickie.

Minutes later, Raylan drives up to Ava’s house, fuming, and confronts Boyd: he’s responsible for Helen’s death. Boyd and Ava keep him at bay with their guns.  Boyd calms Raylan down enough to suggest that they draw Dickie out of hiding.  He says that Raylan still hasn’t played his ace in the hole with Mags: the black pike deal has yet to be officially closed, and still hinges on her controlling Arlo’s property.  Force her to make a choice between the deal, and Dickie.

Raylan confronts Arlo in his holding cell and tells him to threaten Mags with his Black Pike property: trade Dickie for the land, or the deal will collapse.  When Arlo says he doesn’t want to give back they money he was paid, Raylan lunges at him, punches him, and grabs him by the throat: Mags will give Dickie up –  and Arlo is absolutely going to make her.

Arlo visits Mags at her store.  He lays out the deal plainly: the property for Dickie.  Mags asks if Arlo will kill him if he finds him.  Arlo admits he wants to, but it’s not up to him; he’s been sent by Raylan.

Dickie sees Doyle approaching his hideout, but as he comes out to meet him, he discovers Raylan, just a few steps behind Doyle. Raylan tells Dickie that Mags gave him up, and stands by as Doyle cuffs him.  As Doyle leads Dickie to the car, Raylan knocks Doyle out with the butt of his gun.  Doyle collapses, and Raylan tells the handcuffed Dickie to walk into the woods.

At a secluded spot, Dickie falls to his knees, weeping, and pleads for his life.  Raylan reminds Dickie that his is how it’s always ended with them: blood for blood.  When Dickie blubbers that he shot Helen in self defense, Raylan silences him: Helen’s love and support got Raylan out of Harlan, saved him from the life that both families are still mired in.  But as Raylan talks about Helen’s hopes for him, for the kind of man she wanted him to be, he realizes that killing Dickie would be a betrayal of everything Helen hoped for him.  He knocks Dickie out instead.

At Helen’s funeral, Raylan stands by Helen’s grave at their family plot.  Winona joins him by the graveside, and eyes the tombstone waiting for Raylan, knowing his time might come sooner than necessary.  Boyd and Ava are in attendance, as well.  Ava approaches the bereaved Arlo and tells him that Helen had no regrets, and wouldn’t have lived any other way.

With Dickie in jail, Mags closes the Black Pike deal officially, but immediately after, makes another deal with Jed’s family.  Jed recants his story, confesses to Helen’s murder, and claims that Raylan coerced him into implicating Dickie.

That night, Dickie is released from jail, and finds Doyle and Mags waiting to greet him.  Still stinging fromher betrayal, Dickie finally lets himself be enfolded into his mother’s embrace.  Mags apologizes: its what she had to do to get the Black Pike deal closed.  With the family’s future secured, she can now turn her attention to taking care of the rest.

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